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MenHealth Testimonials

"I've tried masturbating before intercourse, but I still ejaculate pretty fast or cannot even sustain an erection".
" I try thinking about something else, but not matter what I do, I ejaculate too fast ".
" I constantly think about masturbating and I can't control myself. When I masturbate I can last for as long as I want, but that doesn't happen when I have sex with a woman ".
" ...I masturbate a lot... ".
"This is killing me... If I go on like this, she'll break up with me because I can't make love to her the way she deserves to be made love to".
" When I was younger, I used to masturbate pretty fast and while hiding so that no one could see me. Sometimes I would masturbate in the bathroom, but I had to hurry up so nobody would find out ".
" The way I avoid prematurely ejaculating is holding back and pulling out, but when I go back in her again, I end up ejaculating ".
"... I had never had this happen to me before... ".
"I work nine hours a day and I don't get enough sleep. I ejaculate prematurely most of the time ".

Recovery Center Testimonials

"It works as simple as going step by step. The program step at once brought me to life"
"Step at once is the solution for premature ejaculation. It worked for me."
"It worked for me, it works for you. Take the Step at once program"
"The best of all: you can’t tell anyone, the benefits of being online! Thanks."
"I can’t believe it! After 5 years of suffering without any woman wanting to be with me, the exercises worked and I can’t believe how long I last now"
"I couldn't control my emotions and everything happened quickly! Now it's like it has to be."
"Thank God! I came back to life and I think my girlfriend too."
"The excericices really work. And it helped me to clear my mind."
"Unbelievable. I've been trying with everything and nothing. I got degree 3 and I thought it was impossible. My wife can't believe it. Thanks."
"My wife is wondering what has happened! It worked fantastically"

Sexual Research Testimonials

"I tried everything; pills, extensors, etc. It finally worked with the Online Natural Personalized Program"
"I took the test: grade 2. After the program I don’t want to hear anything about premature ejaculation. Is over for me."
"Seriously, no further embarrassment after the Online Natural Personalized Program"
"I couldn’t trust in anything before Sexual Research. Everything works properly now."
"Can't believe how long I last now. The exercises have really worked for me. Thanks. "
"I used to fail at the beginning of the act. The diagnostic test resulted grade 3 and it worked!"
"Thank God! I came back to life and I think my girlfriend too."
"Make your own life experience like I did"
"Incredible difference. My wife cannot believe. Truly grateful."
"I just wanted to last longer in bed. Any cream worked for me. Thanks for this excercises!"