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  We gather all the essential information needed to ensure that you have to reach a solution to one of the greatest male sexual problems of the modern era.

Why we refer to modern times? Because one of the main causes of the occurrence of premature ejaculation is the accumulated stress and fatigue caused by external pressures.

Premature Ejaculation can arise for different reasons and each indicates a different degree of the disease:
Grade 1. They are usually teenagers or men between 21 and 35 years of age who suffer from this degree. The main cause is usually over-masturbation: have masturbated more than you should.

Grade 2. The degree of the "modern age". Are men with responsibilities, pressures, altered, with family, business, with too much emotional stress.

Grade 3. This is a very advanced degree but recoverable. The causes are the same as grade 2 but for longer and in greater degree. It can also affect some extra medication being taken by the individual causing a chemical disorder in the body.

Grade 4. Is the more complicated degree of the disease. It when premature ejaculation turns into a sexual disorder. Is very small percentage of men who suffer it, but these tend to be people who have had the disease for a long time and had never tried to fix it.

From MenHealth, you can learn about all the features of the disease and its possible solutions.
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Know your body, recover your life.
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From Men Health Info we provide you all the information needed to have your sexual life back. It requires only a few minutes of your time to understand the disease that more than 40% of men in the world suffer.
The causes, consequences and solutions are available to your hand.

• 4 degrees of premature ejaculation possible according to their severity: 
Grade 1. Very common in adolescents who have masturbated a lot.  
Grade 2. Very common in men who suffer from the demands of modern life.  
Grade 3. Critical level. It is treatable but requires patience and commitment.  
Grade 4. Very critical level. Premature ejaculation-turned-sexual disorder. 

• Consequences:
- Problems with partner  
- Problems at Work  
- Problems with friends  
- Auto martyrdom implying a buzzing social life

• Solutions.
- A 100% natural online program of exercises.
- Learn more about possible programs for treating premature ejaculation.

Men Health Staff.
We bring you the solution for your program.
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From Men Health Info we approach you the solution to your problem. Our intention is not to bother you, we just want you to take a few minutes of your time to visit the site where you will find all the information you need to rebuild your sex life.

Control premature ejaculation through breathing exercises and relaxation is the best program. To begin, the applicant must be aware of his situation and try to find the causes of premature ejaculation. In most occasions the causes vary from stress, anxiety and age to inexperience.

Premature ejaculation is a problem but not without remedy. Perhaps for embarrassment or denial you simple do not notice, but you can always make a difference.
By controlling premature ejaculation with a suitable program will help you to increase the confidence in yourself and improve your relationship with your partner, whether it's stable as no. In one hand, relaxation and breathing exercises will give you a balance in your life that had not experienced before and, in the other hand, the fact that controlling premature ejaculation via online guarantees your independence and comfort above all.

Visit the site and learn more about all the possible manners to solve the disease that affects 40% of men in the world.
Men Health Staff.
Required Information
Dear user,
Men Health Info is the web site where you can find all the information related to premature ejaculation.

Do you reach the climax before the first 10 minutes into the sexual act?
Do you reach orgasm before penetration?
Do you suffer from stress? Extreme fatigue? Pressures?
Do you think continually of your performance in bed and the influences when starting a new relationship?
Does your sexual performance influence your relationships with friends or colleagues in front of whom you feel inhibited?

The sexually healthy man reaches orgasm in an average time between 10 and 15 minutes, a man who wants to control premature ejaculation has to worry when he ejaculates before or at the time of penetrating the vagina.

With the advent of alternative medicine, anti-stress and 100% natural, different sites offer a program that in just two weeks can control premature ejaculation with no exotic plan or medicated. From MenHealth we provide you all the information to solve the problem of premature ejaculation.

If you have questions please contact our technical support.
Men Health Staff.
The solution to your problem is here.
Dear user:

The 30% of men suffer from premature ejeculation (PE). If you are in this percentage, you have already found the solution.

People who suffer from premature ejeculation don't confront this problem because of three common reasons:

Embarrasment: this special feature is frequently suffered by people who has premature ejaculation and, in detail, it doesn't allow the patient to visit a special doctor.

Ignorance: most of the affected people believe that it is not a problem, or even, it could pass away with the time. The fact is that ignorance and the absence of medical care only means future desorders.

Honesty: men usually hide their sexual problems for obvious reasons: honesty, prestige and the unsavory reputation it attains.

For these reasons men feel insecure and undecided to confront premature ejeculation. If you feel ashamed or you are unaware of this problem and you do not want to lose your reputation lots of 100% natural online methods exist today, which are confidential and reasonably priced.

The most used and recognized treatments are known as "Sexual Research" and "Recovery Center". Both have the highest technology and are technically supported by the best professionals with more than 20 years of experience in this area.

The innovative and interenting of this medical treatments is the possibility to gain access through a test that allows you to know if you really suffer from this problem. In that case the degree of premature ejeculation that prevails will be diagnosed, and from that moment you could start a personal treatment to put an end to this problem in only 14 days.

Reaching a long-lasting erection during a reasonable period of time is possible.
The decision is yours.

Visit now and solve your problem today.
Recovery Center
Common situations.
Dear user,
Do you ejaculate before entering your partner or even before the first 10 minutes into the act?
If so, we ask that you take two minutes of your time to find, with us, the solution to your problem. From Recovery Center, you may inquire about the condition known as Premature Ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that afflicts 40% of men in the world in a greater or lesser degree. The professionals from Recovery Center have prepared a Diagnostic Test in order to be informed, by a few simple Multiple Choice questions, the degree of illness you might have.

Basically, you can possess 4 different types of degree. Being 1 the least treatable in less time and usually present in adolescents and 4, the degree with major complications; in this case the disease has turned into a sexual disorder.
The Step at Once program of Recovery Center will help you to give you back your life quality in order to have a healthy and happy life.

Return to enjoy sex with your partner.
For any questions or information please contact us. 
The staff of Recovery Center.
Step at Once
Dear user,
"Step at Once" is the new and improved online program, 100% natural from Recovery Center International. Its professionals have developed a complex interactive diagnostic test for determining whether or suffer from premature ejaculation.

Perform the Interactive Diagnostic Test.

In addition to knowing whether or not you suffer from premature ejaculation, you can determine the extent of your problem as well as the corresponding solution.

The Integral program of Recovery Center has explanatory images in 2D, animated videos to correctly perform the exercises in 3D, user service 24hs. 365 days a year, unlimited access and, especially, ensuring not only regain control over your ejaculation but regain control over your mind.

After taking the Recovery Center program, you can enjoy a full and healthy sex life.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
The staff of Recovery Center.
More information about Recovery Center
We would like to thank Recovery Center for bringing us this information:

The group of support of Recovery Center will offer you the most complete information about the premature ejaculation and all the innovations to eliminate it in a natural way.

What is premature ejaculation?
Premature ejaculation (PE) is the occurrence of ejaculation prior to the wishes of both sexual partners during the sexual relation.

There exist 4 degrees of premature ejaculation that depend on different circumstances:

Degree 1: This one is common in teenagers generally originated by the excessive practice of the masturbation. Recoverable in all of the cases.

Degree 2: This degree is generally detected in men very submitted to requirements and daily responsibilities. Work, examinations, personal problems, etc. They are common factors in men who suffer this degree.

Degree 3: This degree is considered to be critical, due to the fact that if a man suffers from this degree he can be at risk of transforming the premature ejaculation into a sexual disorder. In spite of its complexity this degree can be treated with a possible recovery.

Degree 4: It is the premature ejaculation transformed into a disorder. For this treatment medical attention is necessary

Each and every of the degrees of premature ejaculation, whatever its origin is, determine the loss of control of the ejaculatory reflex, which makes it impossible to control or to retain the ejaculation.



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The problems caused by P.E.
Dear user,

These are some of the consequences of suffering from premature ejaculation:

Lack of pleasure

The fact of ejaculating prematurely can cause that the man does not perceive agreeable or pleasant sensations during the sexual act, for spending time thinking how to control the situation and the consequences with the partner for not being late any more time.

Life’s level decreases

Some patients with the lack of control in the ejaculation take this problem to the social life, to their work or both, so this affects their relationship with others. This kind of men becomes shy, withdrawn, uncertain and it is difficult for them to look for a partner because they fear to be rejected.

Decrease of the sexual desire in the couple

The women who have a partner who cannot control his ejaculation, can present a lack of the sexual desire. And it is due to this fact that for a long time (in occasions years) they keep excited or lightly excited and do not reach the orgasm. Reason as which they prefer not to have relations and remain unsatisfied.


The lack of relations from women, towards his partner with premature ejaculation, turns to a bad habit, where the woman prefers thousands of pretexts to avoid the act and the man begins to generate more distress and anxiety. The rejection of the partner, although it may be unconscious, has severer effects on the self-esteem of the premature ejaculator.

Fear of the engagement

The ejaculatory premature who is rejected and has gone through ashamed experiences because of his problem, is in the habit of suffering in many cases from the loss of interest in the engagement, for fear of a long relationship finds out his problem.


• You will Receive the program "Step At Once" of Recovery Center International to put an end to the premature ejaculation in a natural way.
• You will obtain a username and a password to access the program, with constant support from specialists.
• Every week you will receive useful tips to be in good health.

Go to and put an end to your problem today.

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Sexual Research
Experience the change.
Dear user,
You have a problem that we can solve. From our online platform, we present a series of innovative tools to help you find the best solution to premature ejaculation from the comfort of your home.

As a first step, you have the possibility of taking the Free Diagnostic Test that will present you a detailed result about the kind of problem to deal plus a personalized program.

The program consists of a series of exercises to be done from any room in your home, work, etc… over a period of 14 days. These exercises are divided into series and each affects a specific area of your body.

Although other issues related to sexuality require the use of creams or pills extenders, Sexual Research professionals have created a 100% natural program composed of a series of breathing exercises and relaxation taking only 10 minutes of your time per day.
The second part includes the exercising of the PC muscle – the same muscle that you exercise when you are urinating and decides to interrupt the process - Consequently, you’ll gain control of your ejaculations.
Sexual Research Staff.
Settling questions.
Dear user,

We understand you have questions about which program should take in order to solve the problem you have. We also understand that one of the reasons why one does not start a specific program may be shame to one's disadvantage. However, we understand that from Sexual Research can do more for you and provide a solution for all your concerns.

First, we would like to explain that you are one of many men who suffer premature ejaculation and luckily, it has a solution. From Sexual Research we have created a program that will resolve your problem progressively from a workout of 10 minutes daily to do in just 14 days.

As a first step we recommend you visit the site and do the diagnostic test to verify which degree you have. From there, you’ll be able to find the specific program that will change your life finishing the 14 days of starting the program.

Hopefully you will find information effectively.
Sexual Research Staff.
Regain your sexual life.
Dear user,
Sexual Research is the leading center in sex research. Our objective is to find the best method to cure premature ejaculation; the sexual disease that 40% of men in the world have in a greater or lesser degree.

Fortunately, our professionals have developed an innovative online test that allows our staff to make a diagnosis to bring you a personalized program.

The test consists of a simple grade multiple choice questions which will give you a quality result confirming the degree of premature ejaculation, these range goes from grade 1 to grade 4, with 1 being the lowest degree of premature ejaculation, 100% treatable under the Personalized Natural program, and 4 being the highest level of premature ejaculation; those who suffer from a sexual disorder complex.

Currently, some laboratories have developed powerful drugs that can achieve short-term effects to regain control over ejaculations. However, these compounds can cause adverse effects in the body bearing the same to the breaking point deriving in an irrecoverable sexual disorder.

Natural and customized programs are the best option to get up after falling. Make sure of the reliability and safety of procedures and find out how premature ejaculation won’t be a problem anymore.

Do not hesitate to ask us for any doubt or inconvenient,
Sexual Research Staff.
Sexual Health.
Dear user,
From Sexual Research International we invite you to learn the program that will make you enjoy the sex one more time.

If you:
• Have problems at work because you feel uncomfortable when your partners talk about sex
• Have problems concerning your social life because you feel that you won’t attract any woman for being a premature ejaculatory
• Have problems with your girlfriend or wife
• Have problems with yourself because the only thing that you are continually thinking is how to control your ejaculations

Sexual Research has the answer. We have created a 100% natural program - free of pills, creams and any useless farce - possible to develop from the comfort of your home and that will let you have the control of your ejaculations.

The main reason why you have this disease is because your mind is down and tied to the stress imposed by being part of modern life. Therefore, any method that does not take into account the psychological reasons for the disease is useless.

The online program we provide is composed by a series of breathing exercises and relaxation in the first stage and a series of exercises focused on the PC muscle in the second stage.

We hope you will decide to start a new life.
Sexual Research Staff.
More information about Sexual Research
Complete the diagnosis test for free and find out if you really suffer from premature ejeculation!

Visit the website of and solve this ashaming problem by means of a Natural Online Personal Treatment.

What are the advantages of the methods of "Sexual Research"?

Perfectly natural techniques and exercises

The programme offered by "Sexual Research" is 100% natural: without pills, drugs, not even mechanic methods. The purpose of these exercises is to work during a period of time with the PC muscle and recover the ejaculatory reflex, which will allow you to keep control over the ejeculation. These exercises are easy to carry out and don't require any effort.

Distance Treatment

This product can be obtained from everywhere all over the world (Latin America, Europe, New York, etc.)
You will inmediately receive in your e-mail address a username and a password in order to enter in the exclusive Members Zone and put into practice the "Distance Treatment".

Effective Guarantee

With the support of a brand with more than 5 million satisfied members, Sexual Research will guarantee the disappearance of premature ejeculation in only 14 days by means of a safe, reliable and effective treatment.

Personal Treatment

Despite having the possibility to consult "Sexual Research" about everything, you don´t need to be assisted. The solution to the problem consist of the commitment and regularity of the user.

Comfort and discretion

In "Sexual Research" we recognize that not even all men have the time or the intention of visiting a sexologist when they go through a sexual problem. By means of this virtual clinic and the group of professionals that compose it, we offer the user all the resources to solve the premature ejeculation from your house. Because of the way to purchase this product, Sexual Research assures a total confidence to carry out the treatment.


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The solution for P.E. is at your reach
Dear user:

With Sexual Research overcome premature ejeculation is possible. You should notice the basic reasons get over this problem:

Major performance

The portal of Sexual Research offers a test of diagnosis to evaluate the degree of difficulty of the user.
From this analysis a certain treatment is established. The 98 per cent of the patients have experienced immediate results and they have assured to have firmer, lasting and intense sexual relations.

Major sexual satisfaction

With the techniques and the totally natural exercises you will achieve a full satisfaction before, during and after the sexual act. In turn, you and your couple will increase to yearn for having sex, because both will achieve the wished orgasm.

Repetition and acceptance from women.

The fact of not overcoming the premature ejaculation and of failing in the sexual activity, cause that the women avoid the iteraction of the act, and even reveal the bad experience in her friend´s circle.
Now with the method of Sexual Research, which does not need pills, creams, not even any type of drugs, you will achieve that the women repeat the meeting and your profile will be different

Better quality of life

It is known that sex is one of the most important points in the life of any human. It is because of it reverberates in the social, emotional and labour life and in other areas. Now with Sexual Research you will be able to recover your self-confidence and the presumption with women.